clay harris
i'm a cartoonist , a math teacher and a guitarist. i've played in 3 bands, published 2 comics, and this is only the second time I have had a website....

my likes are the velvet underground, n.w.a., anything by giancinto scelsi, seafood pizza, exploitation films & pinup girls from the 70s ,the jackson 5's greatest hits, the 1st album by richard hell and the voidoids, the completed works of h.p.lovecraft , the completed works of philip k.dick, democracy now, taichi practices in the park, dogs & cats, movies by david cronenberg ,peter jackson, & hayao miyazaki, comics by jack kirby and steve ditko, quotes from jesus of nazareth, and fair trade.

my dislikes are the usual right-wing blather and/or repressive thinking of any kind, organized religion, turkey dressing, baked macaroni, and fake crabmeat.