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This Image of Lillith has some digital color enhancement, but the original drawing in black & white, with no captions or text.
LILLITH the Undying
Pen/ink/ acrylic/correction fluid on Bristol Board
6” x 17.5”
January 2015

It was supposed to be an illustration depicting a comic-book monster in the vein of the classic kaiju film franchise of Godzilla. The character was named after the mysterious first Wife of Adam who was created by Yahweh, but only mentioned in apocryphal references in Abrahamic lore, and not officially included in the Bible.

However, the actual single pen / ink drawing was also partly inspired by the tragic events of 911. This was not a deliberate attempt to create a sensationalistic piece of art. Even though there was no immediate political intent as I finished this drawing , I quickly realized that somehow this was still somehow a subconscious motivation, and the visual metaphor seems obvious to many casual observations, and frankly unavoidable to mention.

It seems appropriate to address this metaphor in the work, and hopefully to confront the human impact that these kind of horrors have. I only offer this work as a mythic reflection of an event that still haunts the American psyche today. LILLITH the Undying. 2015.